The partners concerned should plan their rhythm together.

For example you know that two lovers are together all the time.

They feel confined and constricted by the other. They then quarrel and separate in which case a longing for the partner arises.

This alternation takes place in accordance with our principle of rhythm.

In the extreme case the people stay together, they feel themselves constricted, they quarrel fiercely.

Then the passive phase begins, they separate themselves and then feel lonely. They regret their behavior and come together again.

Here the rhythm of feeling constricted and feeling lonely takes place compulsively and negatively.

But it need not be an unpleasant rhythm, if this rhythm is understood and used consciously. What can be done?

The partners should consciously make their own rhythm of being together and being alone, so that they remain alone before they feel their space being invaded.

That is, they should not separate after a fight. They should separate temporarily before they are too long together which each other.

Then they come back together before they feel too lonely and they come together without any regrets because this rhythm is made by them.

How long should they stay away?

Every case is different.

The partners concerned should plan their rhythm together.